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BMW 5 Series: ParkNow app

ParkNow can also be used on a smartphone; the ParkNow app must be installed for this.

ParkNow app

  1. Registration
  2. Select destination or parking zone
  3. Start parking
  4. Payment process


The ParkNow function can be launched from a number of menus in the vehicle:

  • Navigation menu
  • ConnectedDrive menu

Navigation menu

ParkNow is started from the Navigation menu.

G30 ParkNow navigation

  1. Navigation menu

ConnectedDrive menu

ParkNow can also be accessed via the ConnectedDrive menu in the vehicle.

G30 ParkNow ConnectedDrive

  1. ConnectedDrive menu


Practical examples of ParkNow are described below:

On-street parking

The vehicle is parked in a metered on-street parking space (available from 3/17). ParkNow is selected in the vehicle and parking is started. It is planned that the ParkNow app will be used to pay for the service via "smart" parking meters installed on the street. Parking is ended automatically as soon as the vehicle travels at a speed in excess of 35 km/h. The parking fees are billed by cash-less methods as mentioned previously.

See the Parkmobile web site for further information regarding the on street parking transaction.

See the ParkNow web site for more information regarding the parking service app.

G30 ParkNow selection of metered parking space at the roadside

  1. Pay for parking
  2. Start parking time
  3. Prompt to display a ParkNow badge in the vehicle (only in German market; in the US market payment is done via the App)
  4. End parking

Parking in multi-storey parking garage or underground parking garage

If the multi-storey car park is a partner of the ParkNow program, the vehicle number plate will be captured by a camera and the barrier will open automatically as the vehicle enters. The parking time is started automatically at the same time. Partner multi-storey parking garage are identified on the navigation map with an asterisk.

Alternatively, the ParkNow customer card can be used if there is no number plate recognition facility.

G30 ParkNow parking in a multi-storey car park

  1. Pop-up message on entering the multi-storey car park with information concerning the multi-storey car park
  2. End parking with information relating to parking time and cost

Reserve a parking space

In some selected partner multi-storey parking garage a parking space can be reserved in advance.

No particular parking space is assigned for a reservation, it merely means that a parking space is kept free in the multi-storey car park. Recognition and parking for a reserved parking space are identical to the procedure described above.

ParkNow parking space reservation

  1. Select multi-storey car park
  2. Information about a reservation
  3. Reservation confirmation


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