BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Engine housing


 Cylinder head

The following figures show the two cylinder head variants with and without the cylinder head-integrated exhaust manifold. Cylinder head of B58TU engine Cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifo


Honing process Honing process "old/new" Previous manufacturing process of internal cylindrical honing New manufacturing process of form honing The cylindrical bore hole of a combustion engine bec

 Crankshaft drive


 Functions of the Advanced Crash Safety Module

The function of the Advanced Crash Safety Module is to permanently evaluate all sensor signals in order to identify a crash situation. Based on the sensor signals and their evaluation, the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) identifies the direction of the crash and the severity of the impact. T

 Set up map

Set up 1. Press the button on the Controller. 2. Move the Controller to the right. 3. "Map settings". 4. Select the desired setting: "Map view": select the map view. "Direction of travel" "Facing north" "Perspective" "Zoom": select scale. "Auto zoom": with active destination gui

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