BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Front passenger airbag

The purpose of the front passenger airbag is to reduce the risk of accident to the front passenger in the event of a front-end crash. The front passenger airbag is located in the dashboard. When the front passenger airbag expands, the dashboard tears open at defined points.

A two-stage gas generator is installed, which can be used to activate the stages at short or long time differences, depending on the severity of the crash detected and taking into consideration the seat position.

Furthermore, the front passenger airbag features an active vent valve.

System Components
G30 Front passenger airbag in US version of vehicles

  1. Ignition module for active vent valve
  2. Ignition module, level 1
  3. Ignition module, level 2

Knee airbag

Front driver & passenger

Knee airbags are installed on the driver's side and passenger's side to control the forwards displacement of the occupant(s) in the event of a head-on crash.

System Components
G30 knee airbag

Head airbag

Head airbags are installed in the G30 to protect the occupants' heads in the event of side collisions.

The head airbag extends from the A-pillar to the C-pillar and covers the entire area of the side windows. It expands between the occupants and side structure.

System features:

  • Extended covered area across all front and rear side windows
  • Protection of occupants from glass splinters
  • Covered area for different-sized occupants optimized

System Components
G30 Head airbag

Side airbag

As with all current BMW models, the side airbag at the front ignites out of the front seat backrest.

The side airbags and gas generators are accommodated in a plastic housing, the airbag module. This is installed in the front seat backrest and is concealed by the seat cover.

If activated, the side airbag emerges outwards from the backrest frame and spreads between the side structure and occupant.

It is important to ensure that no additional seat covers are fitted as they would greatly impair the function of the side airbag, or even immobilize it altogether.

System Components
G30 side airbag

  1. Side airbag


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