BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Exterior equipment


G30 Exterior highlights

  1. Air flaps in the radiator grill
  2. Air Breather
  3. Headlights extend to the radiator grill
  4. Adjustable housing for rear lights


The almost fully closed vehicle underbody plays an important role in the aerodynamics. The acoustics in the vehicle are also significantly improved as a result. In the front section, the air flow is directed past the front wheels by the displacers (7). In this way, the airflow on the front wheel is reduced. In the rear area, the 2 wind deflectors (3) on the axle and the cover of the rear axle differential (5) contribute to optimized underbody flow together with the rear diffuser (4), which is adapted for each drivetrain design.

G30 Underbody trim

  1. Cross-member with wind deflector
  2. Tank cover with wind deflector
  3. Wind deflector, rear axle
  4. Rear diffuser
  5. Cover, rear axle differential
  6. Cover, exhaust system
  7. Displacer



     Body overview, Body structure

    Body overview G30 Side frame structure Multiphase steel (> 300 N/mm²) Ultra-high-strength steel (> 900 N/mm²) Aluminum Deep-drawing steel (< 300 N/mm²) Other ste

     Screw connections

    Some of the Aluminum-steel connections in the G30 body structure are produced using a new body joining technique: flow drill screws. These include, for example, the connection between the engine sup


     Crankcase monitoring

    On-board diagnosis Feed-in point of the blow-by gases to the clean air line upstream from the exhaust turbocharger Non-return valve Connection to exhaust turbocharger Captive screws Crankcase bleeding connection Tank ventilation connection Connection to clean air line Aluminum heating pip

     Functional principle

    If a moving object is detected, which based on the current speed would be in the area in front of or behind the vehicle in approximately the next two seconds, a visual and acoustic warning is issued. When a Cross Traffic Alert Rear is issued, the LED in the mirror glass is also switched on. The

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