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BMW 5 Series: Component temperature sensor

Component temperature sensor
B58TU engine, component temperature sensor

  1. Component temperature sensor

The B58TU engine uses a component temperature sensor in addition to the coolant temperature sensor to control the coolant more precisely with the heat management module. Except for the installation location, no changes have been made to the function of the component itself. It records the material temperature of the crankcase close to the cylinder head in the area of the 6th cylinder and forwards this to the DME engine control unit. As a result, power, consumption and pollutant emissions can be influenced even more efficiently.

A variable temperature resistance (negative temperature coefficient), which covers a temperature range from - 40º C to 150º C (- 40º F to 302º F), has been tried and tested. The temperature is transferred to the sensor using an elastic heat coupler attached to the outside of the sensor.




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