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BMW 5 Series: Advanced Crash Safety Module, Sensors and switches

BMW 5 Series G30 2016-2024 Training Manual / Passive Safety Systems / System Components / Advanced Crash Safety Module, Sensors and switches

Advanced Crash Safety Module

The Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) in the G30 is located centrally in the vehicle under the center console between the two front seats. The central sensor system is integrated in the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM).

System Components
G30 Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM)

Sensors and switches

The following sensors and switches are installed in the G30:

  • Lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensors in ACSM
  • Yaw rate sensor in the ACSM
  • Vertical acceleration sensor in the ACSM
  • Lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensors in the B-pillars
  • Airbag sensors (pressure) in the front doors
  • Airbag front sensors on the engine supports
  • Seat occupancy mat for seat belt warning
  • CIS mat with passenger classification
  • Seat belt buckle switch
  • Seat-position sensor, driver and front passenger
  • Switch for front passenger airbag deactivation


     Lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensor, B-pillar

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     Airbag front sensor

    Two airbag front sensors are installed in the front area of the engine supports. The measured values are forwarded to the Advanced Crash Safety Module (ACSM) where they are evaluated. The airbag fr

     Seat belt buckle switch

    The seat belt buckle switches are located in the seat belt buckles of the driver and front passenger seat. European version vehicles are additionally equipped with seat belt buckle switches on the r


     Assistant function

    The following assistance functions are available: Car wash view Side protection Door opening angle Car wash view The car wash view assists the driver when entering a car wash. When the car wash view is selected, immediately before entering the car wash, a bird's eye view is displayed on the C

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