BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Actuators


The following actuators are installed in the G30:

  • Two-stage driver's airbag
  • Two-stage front passenger airbag
  • Knee airbag on front left and right
  • Head airbag on left and right
  • Side airbag on front left and right
  • Reel pretensioner with adaptive force limiter
  • Safety battery terminal

In addition, the following indicator lights inform the vehicle occupants about the condition of the safety systems:

  • Airbag indicator light
  • Seat belt warning light for driver and passenger
  • Seat belt warning light, rear passenger compartment
  • Indicator lamp for front passenger airbag deactivation

The familiar three-point seat belts are used as the seat belt systems for all seats in the G30.

System Components
G30 Seat belt

  1. Seat belt buckle
  2. Belt tensioner

Driver's airbag

A two-stage airbag is installed, which can be used to activate the stages at short or long time differences, depending on the severity of the crash detected and taking into consideration the seat position.

In addition, the driver's airbag features an active vent valve.

System Components
G30 Driver's airbag

  1. Ignition module, level 1
  2. Ignition module, level 2


     Front passenger airbag

    The purpose of the front passenger airbag is to reduce the risk of accident to the front passenger in the event of a front-end crash. The front passenger airbag is located in the dashboard. When the

     Automatic tensioner with linear mechanical force limiter

    In the event of a front-end or rear-end crash or rollover, the automatic reel blocks the extension of the seat belt in order to restrain the occupants. The belt force limiter limits the load exerted

     Airbag indicator light

    The airbag indicator light is located on the instrument panel. The airbag indicator light lights up and then goes out during the pre-drive check to signal readiness of the Advanced Crash Safety Modu


     Fatigue and Focus Alert

    The Fatigue and Focus Alert helps to avoid accidents caused by tiredness on long, monotonous journeys. It is part of the Active Protection equipment (OE 5AL) included in the basic equipment. A change in the driver's driving behavior is perceived by the Fatigue and Focus Alert. In the event of in

     General information

    Rear entertainment allows occupants in the rear to access entertainment sources regardless of the driver's selection. Two screens, different media connections, and a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive are available in the rear for this purpose. Rear entertainment also provides access to many iDrive functions. T

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