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The system monitors tire inflation pressure in the four mounted tires. The system warns you if there is a loss of pressure in one or more tires.

General information

Sensors in the tire valves measure the tire inflation pressure and tire temperature.

Using the tire settings in iDrive, the system can automatically display the specified target pressures and compare them with the actual tire inflation pressures.

If tires are being used that are not specified on the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle such as tires with special approval, the system needs to be actively reset.

The system will then take over the actual tire inflation pressures as the target pressures.

When operating the system, also note the additional information found in the Tire inflation pressure chapter.

Safety information


The display of the target pressures is not a substitute for the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle. Incorrect entries in the tire settings can lead to incorrect target tire inflation pressure values. In this case, it cannot be guaranteed that the notification of a loss of tire inflation pressure will be reliable. There is a risk of injury and risk of damage to property. Ensure that the tire sizes of the mounted tires are displayed correctly and match the details on the tires and on the vehicle.

Functional requirements

The following conditions must be met for the system; otherwise, reliable flagging of a loss of tire inflation pressure is not assured:

  • Every time a tire or wheel is changed, the correct details on the mounted tires must be entered in the tire settings.
  • TPM does not activate until after driving for a few minutes:
    • After a tire or wheel replacement.
    • Reset, for tires without special approval.
    • After changing the tire setting.
  • For tires with special approval:
    • After a tire or wheel replacement, a reset was performed with the correct tire inflation pressure.
    • After the tire inflation pressure was adjusted to a new value, a reset was performed.
  • Wheels with TPM wheel electronics.


     Tire settings

    General information The tire sizes of the mounted tires can be gathered from the tire inflation pressure details on the vehicle or directly on the tires. The tire details do not need to be re-entere

     Messages: for tires without special approval

    General information A low tire inflation pressure may cause the DSC Dynamic Stability Control to be switched on. Safety information Warning A damaged regular tire with low or missing tire inflation pr

     Actions in the event of a flat tire

    Normal tires 1. Identify the damaged tire. Check the tire inflation pressure in all four tires, for instance using the tire pressure gage of a flat tire kit. For tires with special approval: if the


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