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BMW 5 Series: Parking information

Parking information is a new function in navigation. The parking information is called "On-Street Parking Information" in the vehicle menu.

A probability of there being free parking spaces determined by calculating various values is shown on the navigation map. The data for this calculation is determined by Floating Car Data, among other parameters.

The vehicle must satisfy the following prerequisites which are standard on all G30 vehicles:

  • Professional Navigation System (OE 609)
  • Advanced Real time traffic information (OE 6AM)
  • ConnectedDrive services (OE 6AK)

The scale for the navigation map must not be set to more than 500 m to allow an overview of the parking information to be displayed in the navigation map. The parking information is displayed for a radius of 2 km around the current position of the vehicle.

G30 parking information

Light blue - Medium probability of finding a free parking space (approximately 50%)
Dark blue - High probability of finding a free parking space (approximately 75%)


Parking information must be activated in the navigation system.

G30 activating parking information

  1. Additional information on map
  2. Parking information


G30 DriveNow parking information

  1. Time information concerning parking spaces freed up by DriveNow vehicles

A "P" in the map display indicates when a DriveNow vehicle leaves a parking space free. The circle around the "P" runs down, like a stopwatch. This lets you see how long ago the DriveNow vehicle left the space. A complete revolution of the circle takes 5 minutes.


Parking information is a ConnectedDrive service and is available in selected cities. You can call up a list showing these from the menu. At the start, parking information relates principally to a few major cities in Germany. The list can change at any time as this is a ConnectedDrive service. That means that further cities will follow.

G30 parking information cover

  1. Parking information cover


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