BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Overview

Buttons in the vehicle

Climate control functions

Climate control functions

Climate control operation Temperature

Maximum coolingClimate control operation

AUTO programMaximum cooling

Recirculated-air modeAUTO program

Air flow, manualRecirculated-air mode

Air distribution, manualAir flow, manual

SYNC programAir distribution, manual

Defrost and defog windowSYNC program

Rear window defrosterDefrost and defog window

Active seat ventilationRear window defroster

Seat heatingActive seat ventilation

Opening the Climate menu.Seat heating

Opening the Climate menu.

For the following settings, for instance: upper body temperature adjustment, parked-car ventilation.

Opening the Climate menu

Press the button.

The Climate menu is displayed.

All the climate control functions which can adjusted via iDrive can be called up via the Climate menu, e.g., upper body temperature adjustment, parked-car ventilation.

Switching on/off

Switching on

Press any button except for the following:

  • Rear window defroster.
  • Left side of air flow button.
  • SYNC program.
  • Seat heating.
  • Seat ventilation.

Switching off

When equipped with automatic climate control with enhanced features:

  • Complete system:
    on thePress and hold the left button on the driver's side until the system switches off.
  • side:On the front passenger side:
    Press and hold the left button on the front passenger side.



    Concept The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant. Adjusting Turn the

     AUTO program

    Concept The AUTO program cools, ventilates or heats the car's interior automatically. The air distribution and temperature are controlled automatically depending on the temperature in the car's inter

     SYNC program

    Concept Depending on the equipment, the following settings of the driver's side can be transferred to the front-passenger side and the rear: Temperature. Air flow. Air distribution. AUTO program.


     Data entry and data transfer into the vehicle

    General information Depending on the vehicle equipment, comfort and individual settings can be stored in the vehicle and modified or reset at any time. For example, this includes: Settings for the seat and steering wheel positions. Suspension and climate control settings. If necessary, data can

     DSC Dynamic Stability Control

    Concept Within the physical limits, the system helps to keep the vehicle on a steady course by reducing engine speed and by braking the individual wheels. General information DSC detects the following unstable driving conditions, for instance: Fishtailing, which can lead to oversteering. Loss of

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