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BMW 5 Series: Digital Motor Electronics (DME)

Digital Motor Electronics (DME)
DME 8 control unit

The 8th generation engine electronics form a common control unit platform for gasoline and diesel engines that have been used since modular engines were introduced. Its appearance is characterized by a uniform housing and a uniform connector strip. The hardware inside has been adapted to the respective applications. The Bx8TU engines have the DME 8 engine electronics generation.

Depending on the engine version, the Digital Motor Electronics (DME) will be given a specific designation.

DME 8.xTyz (x = number of cylinders, Ty = vehicle electrical system architecture, z = H (hybrid)) can be decoded as follows:

  • DME 8.4T1 = B48
  • DME 8.4T0.H = B48 PHEV
  • DME 8.6T0 = B58
  • DME 8.8T0 = N63


     Component temperature sensor

    B58TU engine, component temperature sensor Component temperature sensor The B58TU engine uses a component temperature sensor in addition to the coolant temperature sensor to control the coolant



    The product information "B58 Engine" serves as the basis for this document. This document exclusively describes the changes to the B58 engine and serves to support Technical Service. Due to the huge similarities, the two engines are described in the one document. Innovations To meet the legal req

     Tire tread

    Summer tires Do not drive with a tire tread of less than 0.12 in/3 mm, otherwise there is an increased risk of hydroplaning. Winter tires Do not drive with a tire tread of less than 0.16 in/4 mm, as such tires are less suitable for winter operation. Minimum tread depth Wear indicators are distribut

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