BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Bluetooth audio

General information

  • Playback of music files on external devices such as audio devices or mobile phones via Bluetooth.
  • The volume of the sound output depends on the device. If necessary, adjust the volume on the device.
  • Up to four external devices can be connected to the vehicle.

Functional requirements

  • Bluetooth device is connected to the vehicle.

    Bluetooth connections, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

  • Bluetooth audio playback was activated.

Selecting the Bluetooth device

1. "MEDIA".

2. Select the desired Bluetooth device from the list.

Further playback descriptions.

If the Bluetooth device is not listed in the device list, Bluetooth audio playback may have not been activated. To activate Bluetooth audio playback, proceed as follows:

1. "MEDIA".

2. "Mobile devices".

3. Select the desired Bluetooth device.

4. "Bluetooth audio".



    General information Once an audio source has been selected, information on playback appears on the Control Display. Information available for the current track followed by the playback list is shown


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