BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: General information

Video files and, depending on the vehicle equipment, video DVDs can be played. Sound is played back through the vehicle loudspeakers.

Settings are stored for the driver profile currently used.

The video image on the front Control Display is switched off when a country-dependent speed is exceeded.

Depending on the vehicle equipment, the following video sources are available.

Depending on the equipment: video DVD.

  USB storage device.

Screen Mirroring.

USB media

General information

Depending on the USB storage device, video playback may not be possible via the USB port.

Playable formats

MP4, M4V, AVI, WMV, XVID, H.264.

Selecting the USB storage device

Connect the USB storage device to the USB interface using a suitable adapter cable.

For information about the USB interface, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.

1. "MEDIA".

2. "USB".

Or: Select the name of the connected USB storage device.

Searching for videos

1. Move the Controller to the left.

2. "Media search".

3. "Videos".

A list of all available videos is displayed.

4. Select the track at which playback should begin.

Information on playback appears on the Control Display. The playback list corresponds to the list of films resulting from the search.


     Video DVD

    Country codes Only DVDs with the country code selected during vehicle ordering can be played. Refer to the information on the CD as well. 1  USA, Canada. 2  Japan, Europe, Middle East, South

     Rear entertainment

     General information

    Rear entertainment allows occupants in the rear to access entertainment sources regardless of the driver's selection. Two screens, different media connections, and a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive are available


     Lights and lighting

    Light functions Front fog lights. Night vision. Lights off. Daytime running lights. Parking lights. Automatic headlight control. Adaptive light functions. Low beams. Instrument lighting. Right roadside parking light. Left roadside parking light. Wiper system Switching the wipers on/off an

     For Your Own Safety

    Intended use Heed the following when using the vehicle: Owner's Manual. Information on the vehicle. Do not remove stickers. Technical vehicle data. The traffic, speed, and safety laws where the vehicle is driven. Vehicle documents and statutory documents. Warranty Your vehicle is technicall

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