BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Battery

AGM batteries are used for the voltage supply in the G30.

There may by 1, 2 or 3 batteries in the vehicle depending on the engine version and vehicle equipment.

  • Starter battery in the luggage compartment with 90 Ah or 105 Ah.
  • Auxiliary battery in the engine compartment with 50 Ah or 60 Ah.
  • Auxiliary battery in the luggage compartment with 12 Ah for vehicles with 24 V steering.

An auxiliary battery in the engine compartment is used to provide assistance for the vehicle electrical system. On vehicles with electric active roll stabilization, the two anti-roll bar actuators are also supplied with power by this battery.

Intelligent battery sensor

The IBS records the following data of the 12 V battery:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Temperature

The IBS performs the calculation and the evaluation of the information. The results are then forwarded to the DME and BDC via the local interconnect network bus.

Safety battery terminal

Safety battery terminal

The safety battery terminal (SBK) is activated in the event of an accident of corresponding severity.

The voltage supply to the positive battery connection point in the engine compartment is interrupted and the consumers connected to this are de-energized. The safety battery terminal is installed in the power distribution box next to the battery.


Alternators with increased efficiency are used in the G30. The increase in alternator efficiency is achieved by reducing the losses in the rectifier. The loss-causing diodes are replaced by actively activated MOSFET transistors. A reduction in fuel consumption is achieved by increasing the efficiency.

  • Bosch with 180 A and 250 A, for 4 and 6-cylinder engines.
  • Valeo with 252 A, for 8-cylinder engine.

Integrated supply module

Integrated supply module

The engine control and its components are supplied with a 12 V voltage via the integrated supply module.


     Power distribution box, front right

    Power distribution box, front right A relay for terminal 30B is installed in the front right power distribution box. Consumers are supplied with terminal 30, terminal 30B and terminal 15N and prov

     24 V Electronic Power Steering

    The greater weight of the engines in the G30 on vehicles with 8-cylinder engines results in a higher front axle load. This has the effect that the required power of the steering assist increases. Du

     Terminal Control



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     Launch Control

    Concept Launch Control enables optimum acceleration on surfaces with good traction under dry surrounding conditions. General information The use of Launch Control causes premature component wear since this function represents a very heavy load for the vehicle. Do not use Launch Control during the b

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