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BMW 5 Series: Telephone with wireless charging

Telephone with wireless charging (OE 6NW) has the same functions as the convenient telephone with extended smartphone connection. Additionally, the smartphone can be charged wirelessly and has a connection to the roof-mounted antenna.

Mobile phones must be compatible with wireless charging for this feature to operate.

Charge station

The wireless charging station is located in the front of the center console below the IHKA control panel. The wireless charging function and the connection to the roof-mounted antenna are identical to those for a wireless charging station under the center armrest (G12). If equipped, wireless charging of the BMW display key is also possible.

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BMW Display key

The display key is only available as an option in the 540i / 540i xDrive and M550i xDrive G30 vehicles.

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G30 Wireless charging station in the front center console

The smartphone must be placed on the wireless charging station. The charging status LED is in the tray.

LED display

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G30 Wireless charging station LED

  1. Area in which the smartphone should be placed
  2. Charging status LED
  3. Blue LED: Charging (QI compatible mobile phone & BMW display key)
  4. Orange LED: Shutdown because of excess temperature (60ºC / 140ºF)
  5. Red LED: Internal fault

System wiring diagram

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G30 Telephone with wireless charging system wiring diagram

  1. Microphone, left
  2. Microphone, right
  3. Fuse for front right power distribution box
  4. Body Domain Controller (BDC)
  5. Bluetooth antenna
  6. Headunit High 2 (HU-H2)
  7. Controller (CON)
  8. Wireless charging station (WCA)
  9. Telematic Communication Box 2 (TCB2)
  10. Fuses in the power distribution box of the luggage compartment
  11. LTE compensator
  12. USB interface in the center console under the center armrest
  13. WiFi antenna for vehicle (WiFi)
  14. USB hub
  15. USB interface, center console front


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