BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Stored trips

General information

Up to 30 trips can be stored in the trip list. If necessary, delete existing trips to be able to store new trips.


The destination guidance for the tip must be active.

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Destination options".

3. "Save trip".

4. Enter the name.

5. Select the symbol.


1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Trips".

3. Select the desired trip.


1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Trips".

3. Highlight the desired trip.

4. Press the button.

5. Select the desired setting:

  • "Delete entry": delete trip.
  • "Rename": rename trip.

Last trip

The last trip is automatically stored and can be called up again.

1. Press the button on the Controller.

2. "Trips".

3. "Last trip created".



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