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BMW 5 Series: Seat heating



Seat heating

RearSeat heating


Seat heating

Switching onSeat heating

Switching on

temperaturePress the button once for each temperature level.

The maximum temperature is reached when three LEDs are lit.

If the trip is continued within approx. 15 minutes after a stop, seat heating is activated automatically with the temperature selected last.

When ECO PRO is activated the heating output is reduced.

Switching off

the barPress and hold the button until the bar display on the climate control display goes out.

Seat heating distribution

The heating action in the seat cushion and the seat backrest can be distributed in different ways.

Via iDrive:

1. "My Vehicle".

2. "Vehicle settings".

3. "Climate functions".

4. Select a menu item:

  • "Seat heating"
  • "Seat and steering wheel heating"
  • "Seat climate control"
  • "Seat climate / steer. wheel heating"

5. Select the desired seat, if needed.

6. Press the Controller and turn it to set the seat heating distribution.


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