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BMW 5 Series: Destination entry by voice

General information

  • Instructions for the voice activation system, see vehicle Owner's Manual.
  • When making a destination entry by voice, you can change between voice operation and iDrive.
  • To have the available voice commands read out loud: ›Voice commands‹ or ›Help‹.

Saying the entries

  • Complete addresses can be spoken as a single command. For an individual entry, countries, towns/cities, streets and intersections can be spoken in whole words. The language of the system must be set to the language of the destination country.
  • Addresses can be spelled, even when the configured language of the system is different.

    Say the letters smoothly, and avoid exaggerating the pronunciation and inserting lengthy pauses between the letters.

  • You can search for points of interest for the navigation online in natural language, such as with a question for specific restaurants nearby.
  • The options available for entering data depend on the navigation data and the country and language settings.

Entering an address in a command

You can enter the desired destination in a command.

There are a variety of options for naming the destination.

For destinations in the same town/city, indicating the street is sufficient. The system will apply the current town/city automatically.

It is also possible to speak Points of Interest, such as ›Drive me to the nearest parking lot‹.

1. Press the button on the steering wheel.

2. Name the desired destination in a sentence.


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