BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Control elements

Buttons and functions

Press: switches sound output on/off.

Turn: adjusts the volume.

Change the entertainment source.

Press once: changes the station/track.

Press and hold: fast forward/ rewind the track.

Programmable memory buttons.

Changing the waveband/ satellite radio.

Depending on the equipment: eject a CD/ DVD.

Depending on the equipment: Apps menu.

Sound output

Safety information


A high sound output volume can damage your hearing. There is a risk of injury. Do not adjust the volume too high.

Volume and sound output

  • Turn the button to adjust the volume.
  • Press the button to switch off the sound output. Pressing the button again restores the previous volume setting.

Audio recording playback is stopped during muting.


     Entertainment sources

    General information Possible entertainment sources: Radio Depending on the equipment: audio CD Depending on the equipment: video DVD Music hard disk USB audio USB video Bluetooth audio Screen


     General information

    The settings are stored in the currently used driver profile. Treble, bass, balance, and fader 1. "CAR". 2. "Settings". 3. "General settings". 4. "Sound settings". 5. Select the desired setting:


     Concierge service

    Concept The Concierge service offers information on events, gas stations or hotels, and provides phone numbers and addresses. A voice connection to the Concierge service is established for this purpose. Many hotels can be booked directly by the BMW Concierge service. The Concierge service is part of


    Concept The automatic climate control achieves the set temperature as quickly as possible, if needed, by using the maximum cooling or heating capacity, and then keeps it constant. Adjusting Turn the wheel to set the desired temperature. Do not rapidly switch between different temperature settings

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