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BMW 5 Series: Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection

BMW 5 Series 2016-2023 Owners Manual / Safety / Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection


 Concept, General information

Concept Night Vision with pedestrian and animal detection is a night vision system. An infrared camera scans the area in front of the vehicle and issues a warning if it detects pedestrians and animal


Buttons in the vehicle Intelligent Safety Thermal image Camera The camera is automatically heated when the external temperatures are low. When the vehicle lighting is switched on, the camera object

 Lane departure warning


 General information, Safety information

General information Depending on the equipment version, the vehicle is delivered with two vehicle keys or one vehicle key and the BMW display key. Each vehicle key contains a replaceable battery. Depending on the equipment and country version, various settings can be configured for the button func

 PostCrash - iBrake

Concept In the event of an accident, the system can bring the vehicle to a halt automatically without intervention by the driver in certain situations. This can reduce the risk of a further collision and the consequences thereof. At standstill After coming to a halt, the brake is released automatic

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