BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Climate control

Automatic climate control

Climate control operation. Temperature.

Maximum cooling.Climate control operation.

AUTO program.Maximum cooling.

Recirculated-air mode. AUTO program.

Air flow, manual. Recirculated-air mode.

Air distribution, manual. Air flow, manual.

SYNC program. Air distribution, manual.

Defrost and defog window. SYNC program.

Rear window defroster. Defrost and defog window.

Active seat ventilation. Rear window defroster.

Seat heating. Active seat ventilation.

Opening the Climate menu. Seat heating.

Opening the Climate menu.

For the following settings, for instance: upper body temperature adjustment, parked-car ventilation.



    Refueling Fuel cap 1. To open the fuel filler flap, press on the rear edge, arrow. The fuel filler flap opens. 2. Turn the fuel cap counterclockwise. 3. Place the fuel cap in the bracket attached to

     Providing assistance

    Hazard warning flashers The button is located in the center console. Breakdown assistance BMW Roadside Assistance Via iDrive: 1. "ConnectedDrive". 2. "BMW Assist". 3. "BMW Roadside Assistance". A



     Washer fluid

    General information All washer nozzles are supplied from one reservoir. Use a mixture of tap water and windshield washer concentrate. If desired, a windshield washer concentrate containing antifreeze can be used. Recommended minimum fill quantity: 0.2 US gal/1 liter. Safety information Warning Som

     General information

    Video files and, depending on the vehicle equipment, video DVDs can be played. Sound is played back through the vehicle loudspeakers. Settings are stored for the driver profile currently used. The video image on the front Control Display is switched off when a country-dependent speed is exceeded.

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