BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Rear CD/DVD/Blu-ray player

Rear entertainment

  1. CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive
  2. CD/DVD/Blu-ray ejection
  3. Headphone connection, right
  4. USB port, right
  5. HDMI/MHL connection
  6. USB port, left
  7. Headphone connection, left

USB interface in the rear

There are two USB interfaces in the CD/DVD/ Blu-Ray player in the rear.


  • USB port Type C.
  • For charging mobile devices and for data transfer.
  • Charge current: max. 3 A per connection.

For more information about the USB interface, see Owner's Manual for the vehicle.


     BMW Touch Command

    General information As an alternative to the touch screen, rear entertainment can also be operated with BMW Touch Command. For further information, see BMW Touch Command in the Owner's Manual for the


    Corded headphones Headphones and compatible headsets can be connected using a jack plug 1/8"/3.5 mm on the rear CD/DVD/Blu-ray player. Cordless headphones General information Suitable wireless headpho

     Theater mode and Individual Entertainment

    General information A selected entertainment source can be played back in the rear via: Individual Entertainment. Theater mode. Individual Entertainment Regardless of the active entertainment so


     Display on the Control Display

    System activated/deactivated Gray: the system is not available. White: the system is available but not activated. The system is activated. Parking space search and system status Symbol P on the vehicle image: the parking assistant is activated and the parking space search is active. Control

     Automatic Transmission

    The revised 8HPTU automatic transmission, which is already known from the F23 (2 Series BMW convertible) and F85/F86 (BMW X5 M, BMW X6 M) and G12 is used in the G30. The special features of the automatic transmission in the G30 are described in this document. 8HPTU automatic transmission with ac

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