BMW 5 Series Owners & Service Manuals

BMW 5 Series: Personal settings


 Data protection

Data transfer Concept The vehicle offers different functions, whose use requires a data transfer to BMW or a service provider. The data transfer can be deactivated for some functions. General informa

 Driver profiles

Concept In the driver profiles, individual settings for several drivers can be stored and called up again when required. General information There are three driver profiles with which personal vehicle



 Multifunction Steering Wheel

Overview The buttons of the multifunction steering wheel in the G30 are unchanged compared to those in G12. Part of the assistance system is operated on the left side. Multimedia functions are operated on the right side. The version of the control panel installed on the left side (assistance sys

 LED displays

Blue The mobile phone is charging. The blue LED stays illuminated once the inserted mobile phone with Qi capability is fully charged. Orange The mobile phone is not charging. Temperature on the mobile phone possibly too high or foreign object in charging tray. Red The mobile phone is n

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